Apiform Srl

Apiform is the coordinator of the project. Born as a consortium in March 2002, APIFORM is the Association of Small and Medium Enterprises of Umbria Region -APMI Umbria Training Agency; its mission is to support the growth and the economic and cultural development of SMEs and citizens (employed and unemployed) located in Umbria by training and applying labor market policies. As a Training Agency accredited by the “Regione Umbria”, APIFORM provides customized training courses according to the real needs and demands of participants. Apiform, prior to the design of each training session, identifies the training needs of potential clients-participants in relation to the demand for skills as required by the market both at general and sectorial level and both at local reservoirs of employment and individual businesses.


E-FAITH, the European Federation of Associations of Industrial and Technical Heritage, is a volunteer platform promoting contacts and co-operation between volunteers and non-profit volunteer associations in Europe. It is the place where these can meet, exchange experiences, learn from each other and support each other’s activities and campaigns.
Ever since the establishment of the industrial heritage movement, volunteers and independent voluntary organisations and associations have been the seeds and the fertile grounds from which new and innovative ideas and initiatives have sprung up around the values, the conservation and the use of our industrial and technical heritage. Without their voluntary efforts, the landscape of industrial and technical heritage would be less rich, less varied and less informed, and many industrial sites, artefacts and archives would have been lost.


Province of Teruel

The province Teruel is located in the Nord-east of Spain, inside the region of Aragon. It occupies a territory of 15.000 square kilometres. It has a rich cultural heritage, tourist resources, production of quality food, and a great diversity of natural landscapes.

The Provincial Government is the institution that defends the interests of 236 municipalities.


Central Transdanubian Regional Innovation Agency

CTRIA develops the network co-operation of regional innovators and stakeholders. According to the basic philosophy the agency’s activities are constantly shaped according to the directives from both the demand and supply side of innovation. Through our domestic and international projects we enlarged our expert know-how and we acquired social capital and provide accessibility to international networks for the region’s innovators and small and medium-sized enterprises.



5-Senses Ltd is an SME established in 2006 and works towards providing quality products and services that target tourism, hospitality, culture and heritage especially in the Mediterranean and neighboring countries. Its main purpose is to preserve, support and develop tourism, hospitality, culture and heritage products, services and knowledge content through local, EU and other international funding opportunities; to promote, create awareness and to disseminate knowledge in these fields; to host activities that promote tourism, hospitality, culture and heritage in the EU context; to address training needs of tourism, hospitality, culture and heritage sectors; to educate providers and consumers on sustainable development issues in tourism, hospitality, culture and heritage sectors. It also operates transnationally and internationally and promotes the transnational circulation of cultural and creative works and transnational mobility of cultural and creative players, in particular artists.


Wireless Galicia

Wireless Galicia  is a certified Technological-Based Enterprise established in 2004; it is specialized in the development of technology for maritime environments, tourism and health.

The primary capacities of the company are about wireless communications and their related business solutions. Among the several developments on these technologies: sensorization, telemetry and remote screening in  different environments (maritime and coastal environment; countryside environment and healthcare environment).

Related to the field of smart tourism and smart destinations, WG has developed many pioneering projects about self-guided routes which leverage QR, NFC and augmented reality technologies to enhance the traveler experience.